Ordering Medals/Gift Cards

Awards are an important aspect of your program. Rewards do many things. They can recognize the student for their performance, acknowledge the host location for their contribution, and thank a volunteer.

In general, you should plan on providing a medal or trophy for the 1st and 2nd place winners in each division, a plaque for the host institution, and something nice for the volunteers. You might also consider a plaque for each school that has a first place winner.

To conserve costs. ACUI has a preferred vendor for trophies, medals and plaques. If you prefer, the ACUI Central Office can order your awards for you, have them shipped to your tournament location, and bill your region for the actual cost of the awards plus shipping. ACUI can get medals for about $4.50 each, depending on the quantity being ordered at the same time. Plaques run anywhere from $5 each to $30 each, depending on size, material, and quantity ordered. Regardless, the Central Office should approve all artwork or use of the logo before printing. Here is a sample order for you to follow [pdf].

If you would like the ACUI Central Office to order your awards, contact them at 812.245.ACUI (812.245.2284) no later than six weeks before your event.

REMEMBER: Awards are no longer provided automatically. You should include the cost of awards in your program budget.

Updated Oct. 13, 2011