Mailing (e-mailing or posting on a website) pre-tournament information is your main tool for selling the regional recreation and leisure activities program. After all, if people don't know the details about the event, how are they supposed to attend?

Overall, remember that you are supplying a valuable product to a busy person. Your goal is to make your contacts with them concise and informative.

First mailing (to all institutions in your region and past participants): Aug. 15 to Sept. 30

The intent of this mailing is to encourage people to think about the regional recreation and leisure activities program and to include it in their final plans for their activities of the year. It should also be used to gather accurate contact information for future correspondence. Items to consider including:

  • Short paragraphs on the regional recreation and leisure activities program, especially introducing the student development aspect of recreation and leisure activities
  • Contact information for the regional recreation and leisure activities coordinator for that region
  • The date, location, proposed events, and times of the program
  • An "interest form" that indicates an institution's interest in participating
  • Where to access information on eligibility, regional tournaments, and international tournaments at the ACUI website.

Second mailing (to all institutions in your region): Oct. 1 to Nov. 15

This mailing will introduce the international component of the recreation and leisure activities program. In this mailing, you should ask them to refer to the ACUI website for detailed information about eligibility, regional events, and international events. If you have asked institutions to return an interest form, you might also remind them what the deadline is for returning it to you.

By this mailing, you should be close to setting the fee for your regional tournament. You should consider including fee information in addition to location, dates, proposed events, and times of the tournament.

Third mailing (to all institutions in your region): Nov. to Nov. 30

This mailing will include some more detailed information not previously included in the first two mailings. The purpose of this mailing will be to remind the schools that their interest forms are due soon. You might also include:

  • Another interest form (or how to get one)
  • Another fact sheet with information about events, times, location and dates. You might also review the fee structure in more detail by including special fees (sanctioning, meals, etc.).
  • A list of institutions that have returned their interest form to this point

Fourth mailing (to those institutions that have replied): between December 1 and December 20 * must do before holidays*

This mailing might include the following items:

  • Confirmation of having received that institution's interest form
  • Tentative tournament schedule (registration, coaches meeting, participant meeting, etc.)
  • How to register online at the ACUI website:  Go to the Programs tab, click on registration. Or go to
  • Updated eligibility information and forms
  • Hotel/motel reservation information including rates and deadlines
  • Dress codes and policies for tournament site (if any)
  • Miscellaneous announcements (entertainment, clinics, exhibitions, etc.)

Other mailings

There are other times when you might consider sending out other mailings:

  • Many regions have the host site forward a welcoming letter during the month of January as another reminder that tournament time is rapidly approaching. The contents of this letter might include a city map, driving directions, parking information, food and entertainment establishments, and other information.
  • Some regions send one last mass mailing to any institutions that they have not heard anything from to let them know that there is still time to register and participate in the upcoming tournament.
  • You might also send a special target letter or make a phone call to institutions that have traditionally participated in the past, but have not signed up for the current year.

The ACUI Central Office can help with labels, electronic mailing lists, Web design, publications, copy editing and more. For more information, contact the ACUI Central Office at 812.245.ACUI (812.245.2284).

Updated Dec. 11, 2009