Tournament staff

You are only one person. While you are probably very talented, you can't pull this off by yourself. You need help. Here are some people that you should consider recruiting:

Host director

A professional staff person from the host institution. This person is responsible for coordinating and planning the physical arrangements prior to the tournament inlcuding room reservations, meals, signage and on-site staff assistance. They should also recruit volunteers to fill the other roles described below.

Event director

For each event, you should have one person who runs that event. This person should have a working knowledge of the rules of each event. There are some special requirements for a couple of the events:

    * Billiards: It is preferred that a BCA official be utilized. At the very least, someone who is knowledgable about the BCA rules for 9-ball.
    * Bowling: Important to have a working knowledge of ABC/WIBC bowling rules, scheduling and tournament play.
    * Chess: Important to have a thorough knowledge of the game and the Swiss style tournament.
    * Table Tennis: Thorough knowledge of USA Table Tennis (USATT) rules and equipment.
    * Poker: Faculty, staff or community member with thorough knowldge of competitive rules of games being played (Texas Hold 'Em, etc)

Other volunteers

Other help may include shuttle drivers, runners, hospitality hosts and crowd controllers. These are perfect roles for students who are not participating in the tournament.

Under no circumstances may a tournament director participate as a competitor in any of the regional competition!

Updated Dec. 11, 2009