Tournament Planning and General Timeline

Aug. 1 – Online training series for regional tournament directors begins.  All regions must be represented during these monthly webinars, whether by the recreation coordinator or another designated Leadership Team member. 

Aug. 31 – Regions should decide where their events will be held and what events will preliminarily be offered. All regions should offer, at a minimum, 9-ball and table tennis.

September to November – Recreation coordinators actively market their regional tournaments to the member schools of the region at large via email, Facebook, and the region’s fall conference.

September to March – Regions conduct their tournaments.  Tournaments are commonly scheduled in late February, but there is a great deal of schedule flexibility for tournaments. 

April to July – Championship-level events are conducted. Invitations are extended to, at minimum, the top two male and top two female players from each region. Additional players will be invited based on total number of participants in each division in the region. 

Planning ahead is the single most important thing you can do. Find a host location, determine your program, get your budget approved, and start marketing your event as soon as possible.

 Here are things that you will need to do, listed in order from "sooner" to "later":

  • Update regional mailing list with membership list from the Central Office. Send a preliminary e-mail/postcard to generate interest in tournament.
  • Select date and site in conjunction with the Regional Leadership Team (see section on site selection).
  • Make a site visit to the selected tournament location (see section on site selection).
  • Arrange contracts with hotel and any commercial venues (see section on contracts and site requirements).
  • Develop tournament budget and submit to regional director for approval (see section on budgeting).
  • First mailing to your regional mailing list assessing interest. Send out an official interest form
  • Recruit tournament staff and volunteers (see section on tournament volunteers).
  • Send tournament information to the Central Office to post on the ACUI website.
  • Return phone calls and e-mails. Contact colleagues at institutions near the site and encourage them to participate.
  • Send an official interest form to anyone who requests it.
  • Third mailing to all responding institutions with detailed tournament information
  • Order any optional materials from the Central Office (awards, wall-sized tournament brackets, etc.) no later than six weeks before your event.
  • Begin accepting registrations at All registrations must be done online at this website.
  • Fourth mailing to all responding institutions with schedule changes, reminders and detailed tournament information.
  • Confirm and finalize all details with host site(s).
  • Set registration deadline for about three weeks before the tournament.
  • Final reports submitted to Central Office (see section on tournament reports).
  • Complete post-tournament reports (see section on tournament reports).
  • Send thank you notes to all volunteers.
  • Compile files for your replacement (if applicable).
  • Recruit host site for following year (see section on site selection).
Updated Dec. 11, 2009