ACUI operates on a fiscal year that runs from January 1st thru December 31st.    The timeline below governs the regional budgeting process for 2013.    To aid in the budgeting process ACUI has created an online budgeting template for each region.   The online template provides a central data-entry point for all regional expenses and revenue.    Additionally the template helps to create a “transparent” budgeting process and provides opportunities for cross-regional program and event collaboration.  

2013 Regional Budgeting Timeline

November                   RDs share budgeting timeline, webpage and budget template with RLT members     

December                   RLT members brainstorm & develop FY12 program/budget proposals                

Early January 2014      RLT program budgets finalized, decisions communicated to RLT members                

January 11, 2014         Comprehensive Regional Budget Submitted to Karen Keith in the Central Office

January 22, 2014         Board of Trustees receives copy of regional budgets

Regional Budget Template

Please keep these important steps in mind when using the online budgeting tool.

  • Program Tabs – Select the tab(s) at the bottom of the budget template which match your program, event or leadership area.
  • Adding Tabs Do not add a tab or alter the template.  You may change the name of an existing tab, but do not add/delete tabs.
  • Entering Data – Only enter data in the green cells.
  • Expenses vs. Revenue – The template has a section for program/event/general expenses and a section for revenue.  
  • Auto Calculation – Once expenses and revenue are entered, the template will auto-calculate the profit or loss for each tab.
  • Do Not - Please do not change or alter formulas, text, tabs or data in any cell.   Only enter data in the green cells.
  • Saving Data – This is a Google-document.  All data you enter will auto-save.  Close the document, your data is saved.
  • Questions – If you have questions please contact your RD or Karen Keith in the ACUI Central Office (

Click on the links below to open the budget template for your region.    You may open and view budgets for other regions, but please do not enter or alter budget templates for any other region but your own. 

Please note: the 2013 worksheets have the 2012 values preloaded as a starting point.

Budget worksheets

Updated Nov. 20, 2012