RLT Org Chart relationshipsDefining Roles and Relationships on the Regional Leadership Teams

The positions comprising the Regional Leadership Team for each of ACUI’s eight regions interact with each other and with various other the Central Office staff members and Association components. With these various relationships comes increased training and support, but also potential confusion over who to communicate with on completing tasks. Below is an attempt to provide clarity to the various roles involved in regional leadership.

Download the Regional Leadership Team organizational chart [pdf]

Regional Director

  • Serves as direct supervisor of volunteers on the Regional Leadership Team, managing performance and serving as the primary point of contact for the programs, services, and other business of the region
  • Schedules and leads all Regional Leadership Team meetings, including disseminating an agenda in advance
  • Leads all Regional Leadership Team meetings and ensures someone records them/makes minutes available
  • Shares any decisions or outcomes from the regional directors group or larger International Leadership Team
  • Notifies the Central Office of all volunteer selections and resignations
  • Uses the regional community of practice as the primary method of communicating with team members

Central Office Staff Liaison

  • Serves as an advisor to Regional Leadership Team volunteers, providing support and serving as the primary contact for position-specific policies, procedures, and other standards
  • Provides any performance feedback to the regional director about team members
  • Schedules and leads all position-specific meetings regularly (at least quarterly)
  • Manages the private community of practice for regional positions
  • Is responsible for position-specific training and associated resources
  • Encourages regular communication between team members and the regional director
  • Does not attend Regional Leadership Team meetings unless presence is expressly requested by the regional director

Regional Leadership Team Members

  • Reports to the regional director, either directly or through another team member
  • Attends all Regional Leadership Team meetings and notifies regional director if a potential conflict arises
  • Maintains regular communication with Regional Leadership Team about progress on regional programs, services, and other regional business
  • Attends all position-specific meetings and notifies Central Office staff liaison if a potential conflict arises
  • Maintains regular communication with Central Office staff liaison about position-specific policies, procedures, standards, and other needs for position-specific support
  • Serves as the expert and resource in the region for position-specific responsibilities

If unsure who to contact, email regions@acui.org.

Updated Oct. 16, 2013