Regional Directors and Student Regional Directors

You may have noticed that there are two positions on your regional leadership team with similar titles: a regional director and a student regional director. What gives, ACUI? Even though they have similar titles, these two positions have very different responsibilities.

  • The regional director have oversight responsibilities for all the programs and services of the region. This person supervises the other Regional Leadership Team members and keeps the business of the region moving forward. For a full description of the position, click here.
  • The student regional director is the primary liaison between the Regional Leadership Team and the students (undergraduate and graduate) in the region. This person represents students as decisions are made on the regional level. For a full description of the position, click here.

These positions, however, have an incredible mentor/mentee opportunity. Regional directors should include student regional directors in all the business of the Regional Leadership Team, teaching them how the team operates and encouraging them to look at issues and ideas critically and thoughtfully. Student regional directors should not hesitate to reach out to the regional director for guidance, questions, or concerns. They should feel part of the leadership team of the region and a peer and colleague to the other members of that team.


Updated Oct. 9, 2013