Cobranding is a positive and necessary part of providing Association programs and services. At times, multiple ACUI brands will be used. In other situations, ACUI is partnering with another school, company, or organization. This section provides direction regarding common cobranding concerns that might arise. 

Both ACUI Brands

In instances where the co-brands are both related to ACUI, the ACUI block logo brand and colors do not need to dominate.

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Keep these guidelines in mind for additional program layers. For example, a region might choose not to create a new conference logo, knowing that the regional branding itself will be more recognizable. Having three brands (a conference logo, regional logo, and ACUI logo) could be confusing or overwhelming to potential delegates.

Host Schools and Sponsors

When another organization has contributed to an ACUI program or service, some recognition is important. However, in these instances when ACUI is the dominant partner, the ACUI brand also should be dominant. Sufficient space should separate the logos to avoid any appearance that ACUI and the partner are part of the same organization.

Considerations include:

  • When recognizing sponsors, the ACUI or program logo should always be larger and more prominently placed than sponsor/host logos. The sponsors may be located at the bottom or on the back of products. Rarely, if ever, should a company or host name be included in the title of an ACUI event or service.
  • Using the ACUI font and color scheme
  • Sponsor/host recognition should always be ordered with the organizations contributing the most listed above those giving less. In-kind donations should be recognized for the cash value comparable to a monetary donation.
  • All sponsors need not be always recognized together nor do they always need their logos included. This determination should be made based on the recognition benefits outlined in sponsor agreements.
  • If the sponsor level icons are used, they should be 25% the size of the sponsor logo and placed underneath the sponsor logos.


When possible, conversations should be clear in who is organizing a partner program to better determine the dominant/subdominant branding. In some cases, the program brand itself has become dominant with all other partner brands receiving secondary positioning and billing. For new programs, it is undesirable for a new brand to be created as combination of existing brands can be more powerful in establishing an identity than would be a new brand.


Equal Partners

When organizations share a 50/50 partnership, branding should be equal with logos scaled to the same size. Sufficient space should separate the logos to avoid any appearance that ACUI and the partner are part of the same organization. In some instances, alphabetical placement might make sense, although when marketing to ACUI constituents, it is always desirable to have the ACUI logo appear first (left position in a side-by-side format).

Updated Oct. 24, 2013