Leadership Team Resources

Here are documents that Leadership Team members might find useful. If there are additional documents that should be located here, please contact the ACUI Central Office.

Board of Trustees Resources
Leadership and Staff
BOT Roster | BOT Committee Charges | 2009 Leadership and Staff Relational Chart
Strategic and Operational Plans
2006-2010 Strategic Plan | 2009 Central Office Operational Plan 
Governing Documents
Articles of Incorporation | ACUI Bylaws | ACUI Code of Ethics | ACUI Constitution

Education Council Resources
Strategic documents
2006-10 Strategic Plan | 2007-08 Education Councils Action Plan | Task Force on the Development of Core Competencies for the College Union and Student Activities Profession Final Report | Education Council Co-Chair Job Description | ACUI Organizational Chart | Central Office Organizational Chart
Helpful links
Education Council Co-Chairs Contact Information | Descriptions of Education Council Areas | Core Competencies | Upcoming ACUI Programs | 2006 Needs Assessment Results | ACUI Reimbursement Form | Region 1 Core Competency/Council Area Grid

Regional Resources
ACUI Central Office | Awards and Scholarships | Resources for Regional Conference Planning | Education Councils | Elections | Financial & Administration | Membership | Newsletters/Regional Communications | Operating Procedures | Recreation Coordinators | Regional Leadership Team Resources

General Resources 
ACUI Style and Logo Guides | ACUI Financial Management System (FMS) | Alcohol policy and procedure | Contract policy and procedure | Mileage reimbursement rate | Per diem rate information 



Updated Oct. 3, 2013