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Confirmation of Institutional Support 

Please review the following information with the appropriate person(s) at your institution to ensure that all parties involved understand the expectations of professionals who hold ACUI leadership positions. Have your supervisor review the information below and sign that he or she understands the expectations and supports your application and/or candidacy.

For all leadership positions, ACUI expects the following:

  • Demonstrated skills in organization, leadership, motivation, and communication.
  • Sensitivity to, and understanding of, the membership’s diverse needs and priorities.
  • Commitment to affirmative action and multiculturalism and their role in ACUI.
  • Full-time employment in a college union or student activities department at a member institution, solid institutional support, and job stability that is confirmed by this institutional letter of support OR if a student, the student must be enrolled as a student in good standing, as defined by the institution.
  • Financial and professional development time commitment from the institution for the volunteer to attend the annual conference each February or March.
  • Commitment from the institution to provide time for the volunteer to attend up to two additional meetings (at ACUI’s expense).
  • Access to and permission to use office equipment, the Internet, e-mail, and long-distance telephone.

I have met with _________________________________________ and discussed the responsibilities and qualifications that this ACUI leadership opportunity requires.

I am confirming that this candidate has the institutional support necessary to make his or her participation in an ACUI leadership position possible.



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Updated Dec. 11, 2009