2014–15 Board of Trustees Election Results

The Association of College Unions International is pleased to announce the results from the 2014–15 Board of Trustees election. There were 436 ballots cast out of 5,663 eligible voters, representing an 7.7% voter turnout.


Derrick, J Scott

J. Scott Derrick,
University of North Carolina–Charlotte

At-Large Members

Schaefer, Kelly

Kelly Schaefer,
Northwestern University

Ward, Molly

Molly Ward,
Tulane University

Zamora, Jennifer

Jennifer Zamora,
University of Texas–Austin

These new board members will take office at the 2015 annual conference.

Note that the voter turnout can be broken down as a 0.5% turnout among eligible student members and a 13.8% turnout among other eligible voting members. For more detailed election statistics, including breakdown by region, enrollment, and member type, download the voting summary.


Updated Dec. 5, 2014