Collaborative Program of the Year Award

The Collaborative Program of the Year Award was established to recognize outstanding achievement of programs that bring together two or more entities to achieve a common goal. This award is given to a program that is created and implemented by multiple organizations working in partnership; examples may include (but are not limited to) multiple partners on campus, campus and community partners, or partners at multiple institutions. All institutions involved in the collaboration must be ACUI members.


Any individual, campus organization, or institution that is an ACUI member is eligible to apply for this award. Nominated programs must meet the following minimum standards:

  • Be created and implemented by at least two separate organizations/departments
  • May not have been merely "cosponsored" by multiple organizations; planning, implementation, and evaluation work must have been divided among all partners
  • Any institutions involved must have been members of ACUI
  • Have taken place since the beginning of the previous academic year


The review process includes, but is not limited to, an assessment of the criteria listed below. Due to the wide variety of programs that can be considered, a program does not need to meet every criterion.

  • Does the program demonstrate the use of practices that exemplify outstanding creativity or introduce new approaches?
  • Does the program demonstrate excellence in campus programming?
  • Does the applicant clearly demonstrate leadership in the field of student unions and student activities and practices beyond what is standard?
  • Does the program demonstrate the use of practices that exemplify outstanding creativity or introduce new approaches?
  • Did the program achieve its stated program outcomes?
  • Does the program lend itself to replication on other campuses?

Previous Recipients

2016 recipient: 
Experience Tallahassee Festival, a program of Florida State University, Florida A&M University, and Tallahassee Community College, the festival fostered a relationship between town and gown for 4,000 people in a fun, engaging way through the cooperation of three institutions. 

2015 recipient: Bro Code, University of South Alabama
2014 recipient: Major Declaration Celebration, University of Rochester
2013 recipient: Packapalooza, North Carolina State University
2012 recipient:
 ACT (Achieving Community Together) Campaign, Texas State University–San Marcos
2011 recipient: CONNECT: High-Risk Drinking Prevention Program, SUNY–Brockport

Nomination information

Please place nominations online by filling out the Collaborative Program of the Year Award nomination form to include the following information:

  • Name, title, institution, and contact information of the primary contact for each partner in the program
  • Name, title, institution, and contact information of nominator (if different)
  • A two-page summary of the program, addressing: 
    • Title and description of the program (including intended programmatic outcomes)
    • Program budget and identified funding sources
    • Evidence of achievement of goals through program evaluations
    • Evidence of the contribution of each individual partner
  • Supporting documentation of program. This could include photos, videos, marketing samples, etc. that directly support the program.

This year's nomination deadline has closed for this award, which will be presented at the 2017 annual conference.

Selection and presentation

Applications will receive written or electronic notification confirming receipt of the application(s). The ACUI awards committee, appointed annually by the ACUI president, will review the applications in January to determine a winning program. One winner will be chosen; one physical award will be given to the winning program. The winner will be recognized during the awards ceremony at the annual conference.


Updated Jan. 7, 2017