MHB Internship Program

Marsha Herman-BetzenThe Association’s core values of unconditional human worth and diversity indicate a need to focus on students of color who will not only be actively recruited, but given priority, in hopes of increasing the racial diversity in the profession. The purpose of the MHB Internship Program is to honor the legacy of Marsha Herman-Betzen, ACUI’s first woman and longest serving (21 years) executive director, by providing an internship opportunity to a graduate student of color exposing them to the Association and profession through working in the ACUI Central Office.

A visionary leader, Herman-Betzen always sees the greatness in the college union and student activities profession and has been critical to providing support to these professionals by developing the programs and services of ACUI. Herman-Betzen became the Association’s first woman executive director in August 1994, after working as the associate executive director and the coordinator of educational programs and services. During her tenure, she challenged and led the Association through a critical self-examination and reinvention process that turned a deficit of hundreds of thousands of dollars into comfortable operating reserves and more nimble governance. Under her leadership, ACUI’s operating budget grew from $750,000 to $3.5 million. She led the way for ACUI to be a leading partner in countless initiatives in the higher education community, including the Women’s Leadership Institute, and was the first executive director invited to the White House for their Symposium on Hate Crimes. She is a friend to all she comes in contact with and has been largely responsible for the existing culture of the Association where everyone is unconditionally accepted.

Herman-Betzen began her career in the field working as the manager of conferences and scheduling at the Oklahoma State Student Union. Today, she has visited college unions in every U.S. state except Alaska, as well as facilities in Australia, England, Scotland, Wales, Canada, and Puerto Rico. She has been a mentor to many professionals, both Central Office staff members and Association members, and is remembered for the myriad opportunities she gave young professionals to grow and develop their talents in the field. She relates to everyone: Millenials and Boomers, individuals of every age, race, religion, sexual orientation, country of association, professional affiliation, and station in life.

This award seeks to honor her legacy by providing a talented graduate student of color the opportunity to be exposed to the Association and to the profession by working along side the Central Office on programs from June to August, aligning with the Association’s goals of growing the profession for students of color.

The MHB Internship will be awarded annually to a graduate student of color to work in Bloomington, Ind., with the Central Office. The scholarship will cover lodging and a stipend during the period of the internship. Specific dates will be determined by the Central Office and the recipient annually. Recipient will have the opportunity to work on association business, such as IPDS: New Professionals Orientation, the Institute for Leadership Education and Development (I-LEAD®), and the July Leadership Team Meeting.

Eligibility and Criteria

This internship is for a graduate student of color working on a degree with the goal of a career in the college union and student activities field.

Applicants must:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the college union and student activities profession.
  • Be from an institution with current institutional membership in the association.
  • Show an interest in self-actualization through the internship program.

Application Information

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2017 internship opportunity.

Application materials include:

  • Name, title, institution, and full contact information of nominee.
  • Relevant experience in the college union and student activities profession.
  • Current and/or previous involvement with ACUI or other associations (e.g., regional or international conferences, volunteer work for ACUI).
  • How will this program benefit the nominee in their professional development?
  • Write a brief essay on the role of the college union and nominee’s commitment to the profession.
  • Letters of recommendation from two individuals who support the nomination and can attest to the nominee’s commitment to the college union and student activities profession.

Selection and Presentation

The ACUI Central Office will select the intern each year following the process outlined when it is posted. The recipient will be recognized during the awards ceremony at the annual conference prior to their internship.

Past MHB Internship Recipient

2016: Maria Reyes, University of Utah

Maria Reyes and Marsha Herman-Betzen"As I move forward in preparing myself to begin my career in student affairs, I believe this internship helped me grow more into the field while still being a graduate student. Like most, I decided to enter the field because my undergraduate career was truly an amazing experience. I love the continuous learning and growing atmosphere student affairs provides. Regardless of the institution, student affairs professionals are in the field because of the students. I realized that the same concept applies for the Association: ACUI exists because of the members. ACUI, in a sense, serves as the developer of those who develop and provides resources for best practices. After visiting other student unions and being involved with program curriculum, leadership theories, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and business management, I believe I will be able to transfer my overall internship experience into my career progression."

- Maria Reyes

Read more about Maria's experience in The Bulletin.




Updated Feb. 14, 2017