The ACUI Values Award


The ACUI Values Award will be presented to an individual who actively and continuously demonstrates adherence to the ACUI core values on their home campus. These enduring and fundamental tenets are: unconditional human worth; joy; learning; caring community; innovation; diversity; and integrity.

Up to one award may be presented in any one year or the award may not be given, as determined by the awards committee. 


Any individual employed part-time or full-time by an ACUI member institution is eligible for the award. An individual cannot win this award more than one time.


The review process includes, but is not limited to, an assessment of written evidence that the individual has gone above and beyond in their adherence to the ACUI Core Values through three letters of recommendation.

Previous RecipientsJessi Eaton

2016 recipient:
Jessi Eaton, University of Minnesota-Duluth, who has never ceased to perpetuate the values that ACUI holds dear, championing the human experience and believing that anyone can be a leader. 

2015 recipient: Keith Kowalka, University of Houston
2014 recipient: Tina Pinocci, Rowan University

Nomination Information

In addition to meeting the above eligibility, the following information will be submitted by one nominator through an online form to create a complete application:

  • Name, title, institution, and contact information of the nominee
  • Name, title, institution, and contact information of the nominator
  • Nominee's resume, including educational background and training, work experience, evidence of institutional and ACUI involvement, and any honors and awards received as a professional.  
  • Three letters of recommendation from nominee's immediate supervisor, a student leader or peer colleague who has worked with the nominee, and an ACUI colleague or peer that support the nomination. 
    • The letters should cite specific examples of how the nominee has gone above and beyond in demonstrating the values of ACUI on their home campus.

Self-nominations will also be accepted and considered.

This year's nomination deadline has closed for this award, which will be presented at the 2017 annual conference. 

Selection and Presentation

The winner of this award shall be selected by the awards committee as appointed by the ACUI president. ACUI members shall nominate eligible candidates for this award; self-nominations will also be considered. The winner of this award shall receive a symbol that features the ACUI logo and clearly identifies the core values of the Association. It should also include the winner’s name and institution, and the year in which the award was presented. The winner will be recognized during the awards ceremony at the annual conference.


Updated Jan. 7, 2017