Butts-Whiting Award

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Whting,EThe purpose of this award is to recognize and honor outstanding leaders in ACUI who have made significant contributions to the college union and student activities movement and whose accomplishments and careers are a credit to ACUI.

This award also spotlights the accomplishments of the Association and thereby increases the pride of the staff and students who work with the college union program on each campus. It presents to college communities around the world tangible evidence of the effectiveness of the programs of the college union.

In establishing this program, it is recognized that the award is given for outstanding achievement and that no compromises diminishing the significance of the award are to be made. 


The recipient must be a person who has participated in the college union and student activities movement as a professional for a minimum of 10 years and who is active in the field at the time of nomination. A person may receive the Butts-Whiting Award only once.


The nominee must:

  • Have attained prominence through his or her efforts to develop the college union and student activities movement on a regional and international basis through his or her work within the Association and on campus.
  • Be a person of such integrity, stature, and demonstrated ability that the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of his or her college will take pride in and be inspired by this recognition.
  • Be a person eminently successful on campus, in the Association and in the community - with a record of accomplishment that is impressive to the college union and student activities movement.
  • By his or her deeds and actions reflect the importance of his or her position and pride in and loyalty to the college union and student activities movement. 

Nomination information

Please place nominations online by filling out the Butts-Whiting Award nomination form. Only one nomination is necessary for an individual nominee to be considered, and the identity of the nominator will not be disclosed to the selection committee. The committee may consider only people properly nominated. Nomination packet should include:

  • Name, title, and contact information for the person being nominated for the award
  • Supporting evidence of their fulfillment of all eligibility requirements and award criteria
  • Other information that would support the nomination of the person for the award, including present and past positions held in the college union and student activities field, service to ACUI (local, regional, and international), service to the nominee's own campus(es), service to other professional organizations (if applicable), community activity, and other qualifications or comments

Failure to provide all information requested in the nomination packet may result in only partial consideration of nominee.

This year's nomination deadline has closed for this award, which will be presented at the 2017 annual conference.

Selection and presentation

Applications will receive written or electronic notification confirming receipt or the nomination. The Butts-Whiting Award recipient is selected by a secret committee, chosen annually by the ACUI president. Not more than one award will be presented during any year. An award need not be made every year. The award will be presented at the ACUI annual conference. The winner will receive a bronze medallion bearing a dual portrait of Porter Butts and Edgar A. Whiting, along with the name of the recipient. The winner will be recognized at the annual conference.

2016:  Michael Henthorne, Oregon State University     
2015:  Marsha Herman-Betzen, ACUI
2014:  Whit Hollis, University of Utah
2013:  Robert Mindrum, Purdue University
2012:  Don Luse, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
2011:  Robert Rouzer, University of Illinois–Chicago 
2010:  Sally Hammock, Georgia Institute of Technology
2009:  Bob Rodda, College of Wooster
2008:  Donnchadh O'hAodha, National University of Ireland–Cork
2007:  Colette Berge, Pikes Peak Community College
2006:  Matt Cameron, Santa Clara University
2005:  Bernard Pitts, Kansas State University
2004:  Meg O’Sullivan, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
2003:  Robert Schneeweiss, Central Connecticut State University
2002:  Debra Hammond, California State University–Northridge
2001:  Susan Yung Maul, University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
2000:  Jay Boyar, Prince George’s Community College
1999:  Shirley Plakidas, Louisiana State University
1998:  Gretchen Laatsch, University of Akron
1997:  J. William Johnston, Northwestern University
1996:  Neil Gerard, Pomona College
1995:  Winston Shindell, Indiana University–Bloomington
1994:  Joseph H. Benedict Jr., CUNY-Brooklyn College
1992:  William E. Brattain, Western Illinois University
1991:  Greer Dawson Wilson, University of Virginia
1990:  Linda L. Eldred, Indiana State University
1989:  Dorothy Pijan, Case Western Reserve University
1988:  LeNorman Strong, George Washington University
1987:  Adell McMillan, University of Oregon
1986:  John F. Ketter, University of Northern Iowa
1985:  Earl Whitfield, California State University–Fresno
1984:  Phyllis P. Marshall, University of South Florida
1983:  Ernest L. Bebb Jr., University of Utah
1982:  Ronald C. Barrett, San Jose State University
1981:  Gail B. Clay, University of Tennessee
1980:  Jack S. Sturgell, University of Delaware
1979:  Lyle S. Curtis, Brigham Young University
1978:  William D. Scott, University of Houston
1977:  Richard D. Blackburn, Indiana University–Bloomington
1976:  Shirley Bird Perry, University of Texas–Austin
1975:  Edwin O. Sigglekow, University of Minnesota
1974:  Boris C. Bell, George Washington University
1973:  George F. Stevens, Oregon State University
1972:  C. Shaw Smith, Davidson College
1970:  Max H. Andrews, Queens College
1970:  William E. Rion, University of Florida
1969:  Chester A. Berry, Stanford University
1969:  Harold E. Pride, Iowa State University
1967:  Edgar A. Whiting, Cornell University
1967:  Porter Butts, University of Wisconsin


Updated Jan. 7, 2017