Assessment Tools from ACUI and EBI

Evaluating current performance and monitoring changes over time is the foundation for continuous improvement. ACUI joined forces with Educational Benchmarking Inc. (EBI) to develop assessment tools for college union and student activities professionals. After significant input from a task force of ACUI professionals, a college union and student activities student user survey was launched in 2000 and has been widely used ever since.

Many colleges and universities have participated in this study that provided systematic user feedback on activities and services. Participating schools were able to choose other college union and student activities operations against which to confidentially compare their students' responses. Results are being effectively utilized to support assessment, strategic planning, and continuous improvement efforts.

Student survey results can play a powerful role in your college union and student activities operation's overall assessment strategy. The study, with the Custom Statistical Analysis Report option, provides a clear picture of your performance and the importance of various union functions to your students. With the evidence provided by this study you can confirm successes, support change, develop strategic plans, and allocate resources with confidence.

Since that time, ACUI and EBI also have worked together on a student activities assessment and a student leadership assessment that institutions can use to measure the effectiveness of their student development programs in achieving desired learning outcomes and advancing institutional missions. For detailed information on all these assessment options, including sample form analysis, visit the EBI Web site

The data collected through these partnership assessments with EBI will enable participating professionals to develop new insights related to their practice of the ACUI Core Competencies of facilities management, fiscal management, human resource development, management, marketing, planning, and student learning.

Updated Sept. 10, 2012