About The Exchange

The Exchange is the online resource collections for college union and student activities professionals to find documents, media, and other materials to help you do your job. Bringing content from across the entire Association of College Unions International’s website into one place, this tool allows you to explore items by core competencies and topics, search for resources by keyword, and contribute sample documents to the collection.


All resources have been organized in a variety of ways so that you can discover what is available by clicking through the navigation categories.

  • ExploreBy core competencies: Advance your professional development with resources organized by the 11 ACUI core competencies and associated skill sets.
  • By topics: Find information about a variety of additional subject areas by clicking around the topics list for more specialized or function-based content.
  • By resource type: Focus your exploration on a particular type of resource by checking out the available videos, sample documents, forum discussions, and more.

These competencies, topics, and resource types have been identified as being core to work in the profession, and therefore, they are the focus of how The Exchange is designed. Navigating through the collections using these categories is a great way to find what you need (and stumble upon more).



If you are not finding a particular subject in the navigation categories, you can also search all resources in The Exchange using keywords. Your results will be organized in tabs based on resource type, and you can sort them by recently added, most relevant, most viewed, or by title to help narrow your search further.

Remember, there are hundreds of resources being brought into The Exchange, so be sure the keywords are specific. Searching “union” returns more than 2,000 results, might take a while, and probably won’t be that helpful—you have been warned!



One of the most exciting features of The Exchange is the opportunity for any member logged into the website to contribute to the knowledge base of the profession by uploading sample documents and resources. Example materials from your campus might be more useful to others than you realize!

Click on the “Contribute” button found throughout The Exchange, and simply provide basic information about the resource, help us categorize it, select the file, and publish it live into the collection.


If you have any questions or feedback related to The Exchange, feel free to contact the ACUI Central Office staff coordinator of The Exchange, Justin Rudisille, at jrudisil@acui.org.

Updated Dec. 6, 2012