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In 2011, the ACUI Board of Trustees established the Regional Audit Task Force to recommend how the Association could best deliver programs and services to members on a regional level. As a result of this work, a new eight-region structure was determined, and a new task force was created—the Regional Restructuring Task Force—to implement the recommendations of the regional audit.
Outside of the regional structure, the largest change was to institute a permeability statement:
“All association programs are open to all members of the association regardless of regional affiliation.  Regional Leadership Team positions, regional scholarships, and regional awards are restricted to members, and member institutions, that fall within that region.”  
Thus, while the regions provide a boundary that can act as one's ACUI home, all members are encouraged to seek opportunities in other regions as well.
On Jan. 1, 2014, the eight-region structure was officially implemented. While the history of the former regions is vast, the new regions are working to build their own identity and story.

Updated Feb. 26, 2014