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Wire Clips: November 2016

Wire Clips is a listing of those individuals in the profession who have changed positions or institutions, received special accolades, retired, or deceased. The list below is primarily created based on ACUI profile updates; please be sure to keep your ACUI profile updated with your most current information at If you have an addition to a future Wire Clips, please email it to assistant editor Brandt Johnson.

New Position

  • Jessica Ashcraft is now associate director of student leadership and involvement at the University of Utah (formerly assistant director of administrative services)
  • Jennifer Beatie is now dean of student affairs at Tulsa Community College (formerly director of student activities)
  • Margot Carroll is now assistant vice president of auxiliary services at Louisiana State University (formerly executive director of auxiliary services)
  • Brian Dietz is now associate dean of students at Kalamazoo College (formerly assistant dean of students)
  • Carlos Garcia is now associate vice chancellor of administration and finance at the University of Colorado–Colorado Springs (formerly executive director of the University Memorial Center)
  • Andrew Goretsky is now dean of students at Arcadia University (formerly campus activities programmer)
  • James Hoppa is now senior associate vice chancellor of student affairs at the University of North Carolina–Charlotte (formerly associate vice chancellor of student union activities and recreation)
  • Tanya Hughes-Joiner is now associate director of facilities operations at the University of Florida (formerly custodial assistant superintendent)
  • Sandra Hughey is now reservation coordinator at Western Kentucky University (formerly office associate)
  • Ryan Ihrke is now director of sustainability at Green Mountain College (formerly director of student involvement)
  • David Israels-Swenson is now senior director of student activities, health and wellness at the University of Minnesota–Morris (formerly director of student activities, conferences and events)
  • Joe Lattal is now assistant director of student organizations and activities at Northwestern University (formerly graduate assistant in the Norris University Center)
  • Tammy Martin is now assistant budget director at Millersville University of Pennsylvania (formerly budget analyst)
  • Vanessa McKinney is now assistant director of student life at Albany State University (formerly program coordinator for greek life and leadership development)
  • Emily McLamb is now associate director of communications at East Carolina University (formerly director of student activities and organizations)
  • Lisa Perez is now assistant vice president of student life at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi (formerly senior executive director of student life)
  • James Poole is now assistant dean of students at Arcadia University (formerly university commons coordinator)
  • Joanne Rafferty is now director of the Student Activities and Leadership Development Office at Wesleyan University (formerly associate director of operations)
  • Patrick Romero-Aldaz is now dean of student leadership and transition programs at Mount Ida College (formerly assistant dean of student engagement)
  • Shannon Sauerwald is now director of the Webb Center at Old Dominion University (formerly assistant director of the Webb Center)
  • Diana Schombert is now marketing and communications specialist at the University of California–Irvine (formerly graphic designer)
  • Kaitlin Shaginaw is now event coordinator at Rowan University (formerly program assistant)
  • Scott Smith is now vice president of student affairs at Barry University (formerly director of student involvement)
  • Spencer Stidd is now assistant director of operations at Virginia Tech (formerly operations coordinator)
  • Ed Valovage is now director of student union and campus life programs at Bloomsburg University (formerly associate director of auxiliary services)

New Institution

  • Michelle Dabenigno is now assistant director of student programs and engagement at Bentley University (formerly campus programs and student activities coordinator at Curry College)
  • Kyle Fayan is now campus center event services coordinator at Fitchburg University (formerly operations manager at Bridgewater University)
  • Lindsey Hresko is now assistant director of student engagement and leadership at Juilliard School (formerly graduate intern for student center operations at Rutgers University)
  • Brendan O’Brien is now director of Highlander Union at the University of California–Riverside (formerly events coordinator at SUNY–New Paltz)


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