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Education Council Profile: Kim Haines

Kim Haines, Director of Student Union and Activities at The College at Brockport

Interviewed by Missy BurgessKim Haines, Director of Student Union and Activities at The College at Brockport

Professional Responsibilities: I manage the student union and activities department, which is responsible for student programming, student organization management, union operations, off-campus/commuter student services, and major events such as Homecoming, Welcome Week, and Senior Council.

What is your favorite thing about your current position?
My absolute favorite thing is working with students and providing resources for them to be successful! In addition, the opportunity to support and work on a variety of projects and events that help build a sense of belonging and community is rewarding.

Who is an individual in higher education you admire?
Dr. Tom Miller at the University of South Florida. Dr. Miller worked at Canisius College when I was both an undergraduate and graduate student, and has served as a good mentor and friend throughout my higher education career.

Outside of the Education Council, how have you been involved with ACUI?
I’m a longtime member of ACUI and served as Region II director from 2012–2013.

What has been your favorite ACUI moment or experience?
This is hard to answer because I have really enjoyed all of the experiences with the Association, but if I had to focus on one thing it would be people. The friendships made, discussions on how to approach challenges and best practices, and the sharing of ideas on how to build a strong sense of community on each of our campuses are the things that I appreciate the most about my involvement with ACUI.

What made you decide to apply to be a member of the Education Council with ACUI?
I decided to apply to be a member of Education Council because it was a different experience from the volunteer leadership role I held before. I think education is a core value in all that we do each and every day, and having an opportunity to grow, learn, and influence the educational focus for ACUI was appealing.

What have you learned while serving on the Education Council?
In our roles we are strong practitioners, but to remember the importance of utilizing our educational values and scholarly endeavors to emphasize the importance of the practices that we use to achieve success.

Best piece of advice you got from a mentor?
Always think about what is best for student success, even if it seems like an unpopular choice.

Book recommendation for ACUI members?
Risk Management in Student Affairs: Foundations for Safety and Success by Thomas E. Miller and Roger W. Sorochty
The Heart of Change: Real-Life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations by John P. Kotter and Dan S. Cohen

Missy Burgess

Missy Burgess is the Associate Director for Student Involvement at University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh.

Missy supervises student leadership and involvement staff in the Reeve Memorial Union, including volunteer service, student organizations and emerging programs, Reeve Union Board, leadership, diversity and inclusion, and greek life. She holds a bachelor’s from Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville, a master’s from Kansas State University, and a Ph.D. in educational leadership from the University of North Dakota.


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