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Join Me for Some Rochambeaux!

Members play Loteria at the 2015 annual conference in San Antonio.I love games. I admit it—card games, board games, sports … I love them all. My family members would tell you vibrant stories of how I used to react when I lost. Fortunately, I have learned to manage my competitive habits and channel them into something positive, which is why my volunteer position on the Education and Research Fund has been such a perfect fit. I get to help plan a conference-wide game of rock, paper, scissors as ERF’s signature event in New Orleans.

The goal of the Education and Research Fund is to help ACUI members tell their story through research, programs, and ensure the long-term financial stability of the Association. By giving a gift or participating in one of our activities at the annual conference, you will contribute to the success of our association. In the last year, donors have helped to complete endowments for three additional awards and start a new research grant in the college union and student activities field.

Some of the specific ways in which the Education and Research Fund raises money are through its Annual Fund and Day of Giving campaigns and events at the annual conference (Silent Auction, FUNd Run/Walk, and a signature event). In the past, our signature events have been fun activities like bowling, a rubber duck race, and Loteria.

This year’s event is Rochambeaux, a New Orleans version of rock, paper, scissors. Throughout the conference, a $10 donation to the Education and Research Fund will get you an awesome pin that blinks! On Wednesday, we will ask everyone with a pin to participate in a conference-wide rock, paper, scissors tournament, to which the champion will receive an amazing prize donated by one of our sponsors.

ACUI is a community for community builders, which Rochambeaux will facilitate as folks will be able to identify other donors prior to the game by their blinky pin and will get to interact with other conference attendees during the game. At the tournament’s finale, the two unbeaten players will go on stage to decide the champion, who will then be showered with praise and presented the prize!

P.S. Check this out if you’re looking for some Rochambeaux strategy.
Eve Esch

Eve Esch is the Director of Student Centers at University of Houston.

Eve leads the facility, events, and leisure activity programs within the three student centers at the University of Houston. A proud volunteer for ACUI, she is a past member of the Education and Research Fund Team and will serve on the Conference Program Team for the 2018 annual conference in Anaheim.


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