Posted January 13, 2016 by Sarah Comstock 

Introduction to ACUI's Campus Shooting Dialogue Planning Team

Following the tragedy at Umpqua Community College in October, ACUI CEO John Taylor asked members to come together to tackle a major societal problem: campus shootings. This is not a new problem nor is it one that is easily solved, but as campus community builders, ACUI members have an obligation to be involved in both creating and supporting solutions across the academy.

An ad hoc committee was created to discuss ways in which ACUI can contribute to the national discussions. The committee is comprised of the following people:

Michael Henthorne, Oregon State University
Trinity Gonzalez, Florida State University
Michael Makoski, Fitchburg State University
Thomas Lane, Missouri State University
Patrick Brown, University of Vermont
Francisco Chacon, University of Colorado–Colorado Springs
Jill Zambito, Northern Illinois University
Jessi Steward, University of Oregon
Sarah Comstock, University of Puget Sound
Zack Wahlquist, ACUI
David Smith, ACUI

As we prepare for the annual conference in New Orleans, the Campus Shooting Dialogue Planning Team will publish weekly blogs in The Commons on issues related to campus shootings, such as emergency procedures, how the perception of masculinity affects our culture, and more. While in New Orleans, we will highlight a preconference session on emergency response and host two different roundtables on prevention and long-term responses to tragedy. Our work will not be completed at the annual conference, and we will continue to provide opportunities to be involved in the coming months.

As many ideas as the committee has, we still need your help. As campus shootings are a problem throughout the United States, we need commentary from our entire membership to refine a larger vision of what we can accomplish. If there is an idea that you have, a piece of research that you would like to share, or a way that you would like to be involved in the work as we move forward, please notify us at

Given the nature of campus shootings, this is not a committee that we are excited to be part of, but we are firmly committed to being part of the solution.


Sarah Comstock

Sarah Comstock is the Associate Dean of Students at University of Puget Sound.


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