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Education and Research Fund Profile: Brad Hill

The Education and Research Fund is excited to share profiles of our members and showcase why our team chose to get involved with ACUI. Meet Brad Hill, union operations coordinator at Mississippi State University and proud Education and Research Fund Program Team member. If you missed it, read our first profile feature for Tena Bennett, current chair of the Education and Research Fund.  Interview by Ben Williams.          

Name: Brad HillBrad Hill, coordinator for union operations, Mississippi State University

Institution: Mississippi State University

Professional Responsibilities: Coordinator for union operations; manages and implements the following areas:

  • All policies and procedures, events, and special initiatives within the university's facilities, as well as emergency procedures of the union
  • Custodial, student, and graduate assistant staffs

What is your favorite thing about Mississippi State University?
The students! Also the history and traditions of our campus here at Mississippi State University are what make the environment exciting to work in.

Who is an individual in higher education you admire?
J. Scott Derrick

How have you been involved with ACUI?
I-LEAD® facilitator; former Region 5 Leadership Team member; 2014 Orlando Conference Program Team; Education and Research Fund Team member

Why do you give to ACUI?
I give to ACUI to preserve the legacy of the Association and all of those giants who championed the cause of the college union before me! I also give to allow the future leaders to have the opportunity to learn and develop their talents.

What made you decide to apply to be a member of the Education and Research Program Team?
There are two main reasons I decided to apply for the Education and Research Fund Team. First, because of the amazing impact this team is able to have on the profession of student affairs and the college union. The second reason is because I wanted to work with other great colleagues from around the country to advance the impact of the college union!

Favorite conference activity?
ACUI Education and Research Fund Silent Auction, and the amazing reunions you are able to experience with colleagues each year.

Best piece of advice you got from a mentor?
One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received came from a former vice president for student affairs at Mississippi State University, Dr. Roy Ruby. His advice was: “Remember, student affairs professionals are teachers not bound by the classroom!"

Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams is the Associate Program Director, Student Center at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Ben manages a facility inside the Student Center; advises the Homecoming, Ramblin Nights, and Music committees for the Student Center Programs Council; and supervises six student staff in Under the Couch, a music listening space where students can perform, record music, or just study. He holds a bachelor’s in sociology from Georgia State University and a master’s from Miami University. His ACUI involvement includes serving on Regional Leadership Teams, the Education and Research Fund Program Team, and currently as one of the program leads for I-LEAD®.


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