Posted June 8, 2015 by James Van Roekel 

Portable Lighting for your DJs

Your game room rocks. You have videogames, pool tables, table tennis, pinball, TVs, and a killer audio system. There is a great space for a dance floor, but something is missing—awesome lighting. 

Ask your Holder of the Coin for $1,200 and go to Purchase two lighting stands (product number 601800, $39.88 each) and 10 8-watt LED PAR-575 stage lights (product number 612740, $109 each). You will also need a power strip for each stand to plug the lights into and whatever length extension cord to the nearest outlet. The lights should come with mounting hardware.

Once the equipment comes in, the lights are mounted onto the light stand crossbar with nuts and bolts—there is a lot of room for swivel, but tighten the bolts down once you have the light angle set. Plug the lights into the strip and the strip into the wall. Flip the switch on the power strip, and the lights should come on— if not, check connections. 

Finally, on the rear of the light is a menu button. Press this button until the display on the back of the fixture reads “SouA”—this is for the Sound Activated Mode. Turn on your sound system and play something loud with some punch—I would chose Rush’s Tom Sawyer from the Moving Pictures album, but I leave that up to you.  

The lights will flash and change color to the beat of the music. That’s it. These light are also DMX controlled, if you want to get a controller. Again, Monoprice offers one for $99 that works pretty well (product number 612120).

Below are some photos of the lights when wall-mounted using the light stand crossbar and speaker mounts. These are all set to Sound Activated. My student crew mounted these in about 30 minutes.

portable lighting 1 

portable lighting 2

portable lighting 3

James Van Roekel

James Van Roekel is the Director of Student Affairs Technology at Sam Houston State University.

James has more than 18 years of higher education experience as a faculty member and administrator in academic and student affairs. His research, which can be found in 25 publications (including three books), and teaching focus investigates the utilization of free and off-the-shelf hardware and software toward the development of multimedia and digital applications in student learning. His grant writing has brought in more than $725,000 to engage faculty and students in current and emerging technologies. He is a member of EDUCAUSE, Infocomm International, and the Region II Leadership Team. James is a past recipient of SHSU’s Sammy Award and the Vice President's for Student Services Bearkat Spirit Award.


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