Posted October 9, 2013 by Sarah Comstock 

ACUI Adds More Opportunities to Honor Colleagues

There have been a lot of new things at ACUI lately. New staff members, new regions, and now new awards.

For the last few months, the Volunteer Development and the Education and Research Fund have been working to develop new awards that will have an inaugural presentation in Orlando. Nomination information for those awards and the other more well-known awards (e.g., Richard D. Blackburn New Professional Award, Two-Year College Professional Service Award, and Facility Design Awards) went out recently, but I’d like to take a moment to introduce the new awards a little more fully.

Created as a tribute to an ACUI founder, the Edward ‘Beanie’ Drake Founders’ Award will honor mid-level professionals (five to 15 years of service) who are dedicated to the ideals of ACUI, collaborate outside of their specific departments at their home campus, and provide ongoing excellence in service to customers, students, and colleagues. This award is exciting to unveil as it will give us the chance to honor colleagues who are doing really amazing things on their campus and within ACUI. The award has a scholarship attached that can be used to support an activity that develops leadership potential, funded through the work of the Education and Research Fund.

There is no better list of what ACUI is really all about than our list of core values; these seven words really define who we are as a profession. These values guide much of what we do within the Association, and now we have the ACUI Values Award that honors those professionals who adhere to these values day in and day out. When talking about this award, the Volunteer Development Team wanted a chance to recognize the people who embody these ACUI ideals on their home campuses throughout the year.

Volunteers are the heart of this Association. The Volunteer Development Team hears this a lot, and while we know it’s true, we didn’t see a place where the service of ACUI volunteers was being honored on a regular basis. And thus the Excellence in Volunteer Service Award was created. This award can be given to up to six volunteers each year who demonstrate such exemplary service during their volunteer tenure that applause at the annual conference just isn’t enough.

The inception of new awards is exciting, and the opportunity to honor our colleagues at the 2014 awards ceremony will be even more exciting. But to do that, we need you to nominate people! So get busy! Take a moment to recognize your colleagues by learning more about ACUI’s Awards and Scholarships and nominating them for any one of the amazing offerings by the deadline of Nov. 15.

It’s easy, and it is a great way to honor our members.

Sarah Comstock

Sarah Comstock is the Associate Dean of Students at University of Puget Sound.


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