Posted September 4, 2013 by Lauren Brosius 

Continued Growth

Before this I-LEAD® experience, the only thing that I knew about ACUI was that our building manager program, run by Ryan Bissonnette had won the Excellence in Student Training Award in 2013. So when Ryan had told me that he was going to be attending I-LEAD® as a small group facilitator and that he thought that I should apply for the Region 3 scholarship, I was hesitant. I had decided to apply because I knew that if this was something that Ryan was so passionate about, I was bound to get something out of it. Little did I know that I was going to grow exponentially in a matter of five days. I received the scholarship and boarded a plane by myself for the very first time.

On the shuttle on the way to I-LEAD®, I met Maria Gallo, also from New Jersey, and I instantly felt better that I was not alone on this trip. I remember walking into the residence hall with all the facilitators jumping around and dancing full of energy. I thought to myself, "What did I get myself into?" I quickly learned that I-LEAD® was a lot more than just ice breakers; it was about working on yourself to make yourself a better person and a better leader. The moment that I wrote down my worries and gave them away to Brian and Daniel, I started learning at I-LEAD®.

I was in the Mustache Leaders group. I could not have asked for a better group of people to be surrounded by for 16 hours a day! We all were able to learn from each other a take away different things to apply to ourselves and our stories. I want to thank all of those people in the Mustache Leaders group once again—you guys allowed me to open up and to grow as much as I did. Although almost everything we did in small group was impactful, the most meaningful things for me from the small group experience were mission and vision statements—win as much as you can and touch someone. After leaving I-LEAD®, I felt so empowered and so confident, it was truly an amazing feeling.

I'm sitting here writing this after spending four days in training with the Kanbar Campus Center building manager staff. This is a big year for our staff. We had seven newbies, outnumbering our returners, and Ryan Bissonnette, our supervisor of three years, is moving on to a new opportunity. Being the most tenured building manager on the staff, I felt a responsibility to be a leader.

I-LEAD®, without a doubt, helped me to be a leader to our building manager staff. As I said earlier, one of the things that impacted me the most was the mission and vision statements. Myself and our new supervisor ran a session and created a mission statement for our staff. I felt this to be extremely important because I saw these statements as a foundation, and in this time of transition, we need a strong foundation. Building manager training was an extension of the experience that I had at I-LEAD®, and I still have the feelings of empowerment and confidence that I had after leaving I-LEAD®. Thank you everyone for the experience. I cannot wait to see were we all go this year!

Lauren Brosius

Lauren Brosius is the Building Manager at Philadelphia University.

Lauren works on a staff of 12 people with responsibilities to open or close the building, be a resource to students and staff throughout the day, work closely with security and maintenance on campus, manage the lost and found for campus, set up audio-visual equipment for events around the building, manage the lighting system, sell students and staff maps, SEPTA tokens, and movie passes, and to have a general knowledge of campus and the surrounding city of Philadelphia.


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