Posted July 9, 2013 by Erin Morrell 

Repurposing Space

There are some exciting changes going at Albertus Magnus College, and one of them is that my office was given the green light to find a new purpose for a space that was previously occupied by the Career Center within our Campus Center.

Once we heard this, the ideas began to flow, and we had a list of ways in which we could utilize the space. Could we make it a general meeting room for anyone on campus to use? Could it be more office space? What about a resource room for student organizations? There are so many ways to change a space and make it more useful.

We will begin the process of submitting our ideas soon, which is one step toward positive and impactful change that will be useful and meaningful for the students. It was also encouraging to hear the president of our college refer to the Campus Center as the main hub, or living room, of campus. This is a phrase that we, as union professionals, have all heard before, but she was unaware of until a recent strategic planning meeting. We were discussing how to compete and keep up with other schools that are doing major renovations and construction projects and began discussing the role of the college union.

Sometimes just a simple facelift or some redecorating can really make a difference, especially to our customers, the students. Recently, we received some feedback from our students that the Campus Pub, our major programming space in the Campus Center, was very dark and uninviting. We immediately responded by painting the walls a brighter color, and we plan to redecorate the space to make it more welcoming with a fresh look for the students.

Overall, even though we aren’t in the midst of a construction or renovation project for our building, we are working with what we have, trying to improve it and make it more useful. We are looking forward to attending the Region 1 Drive-Around Tour this July, which is a program where we will visit four other institutions to gather ideas and thoughts on what other places have to offer that we could incorporate here.

What changes are you making to improve your union during break? Are you involving the students in those ideas and changes?

Erin Morrell

Erin Morrell is the Associate Dean for Campus Activities & Orientation at Albertus Magnus College.

Erin has responsibilities in advising student organizations, including the programming board and student government, and supervising department student employees. She oversees the Albertus@Night late night programming series, and serves as the Director of New Student Orientation.


Great topic! We re-purposed our 2nd floor lounge with new furniture, paint, a VERY large TV and new artwork...along with new charging stations! It has made all of the difference in the world. Our Stern Center Advisory Board, consisting of students, faculty and staff, made recommendations and assisted with selecting what would go in the space.
Mandi Bryson
Comment posted 07/09/2013 4:56 PM
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