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Study Tour: On Our Way to Qatar

If you didn’t think about registering for the International Student Affairs Study Tour: Arabian Gulf, I think you should be kicking yourself. Eighteen attendees departed last night at 10:50 p.m. from Dulles to Doha, Qatar, where we met with eight additional delegates from other corners of the globe (Scotland, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, and South Africa to be specific) for a truly international experience.

The curriculum of this educational program focuses on student affairs in two countries around the Persian Gulf: Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. In this exciting and evolving time for student affairs in the region, this is an opportunity to see their work in action and exchange ideas across cultures and countries.

For me, this represents an opportunity to develop in many of ACUI’s core values and competencies. Certainly the dialogue with, learning from, and experience with different cultures during the tour will provide new resources as we continue to value multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion. Core competencies like Management, Leadership, Intercultural Proficiency, and Student Learning will frame our conversations during the next 12 days as we learn from one another through this exchange.

For those unable to join us, there are many ways to interact with the tour over the next several days:

  • I am excited to be joined by ACUI member (and my friend) Rosa Hanco on this journey. We will be making periodic posts (like this one) for The Commons. So make sure to check back!
  • We are using the hashtags #isast13 and #acui on Twitter and Instagram throughout our time in the region. Watch for these during the next couple of weeks (or follow @ACUITweets, @zow76, and @rugal99 on Twitter for updates!).
  • ACUI will be posting and reposting content through Twitter and Facebook as well, so make sure you are a follower or fan!
  • Finally, one of our amazing partners at NASPA has put together a common blog where all the study tour participants will be sharing their thoughts. Bookmark this page and check frequently for stories from our adventures:

Feel free to tweet or Facebook things you are curious about, and we’ll try to find information and answers for you!


Zack Wahlquist

Zack Wahlquist is the Director of Education at ACUI.


Zack and Rosa, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your adventure with us. The first thing I thought of when I read 95 degree weather and humidity like Indiana was Oh my, I would definitely have needed my flat iron. Once I got over myself, I will enjoy living vicariously through all of your posts. What a phenomenal experience you are about to have. Enjoy every moment. And thank you both for your willingness to let us eavesdrop. Marsha Herman-Betzen ACUI Executive Director
Marsha Herman-Betzen
Comment posted 06/20/2013 5:26 PM
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