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Instant Replay: Student Training

On June 4, ACUI hosted a virtual round-table discussion on the topic of student training. The format of the discussion was based on the ESPN show “Pardon The Interruption” where the hosts allot a specific amount of time for discussion of each topic before moving on to the next. In this way, a broad range of topics were covered in just one hour, hopefully meeting the needs and interests of all round-table participants.

Participants engaged in discussion on 10 pre-set topics:

  • Guiding framework
  • Job-specific training
  • Required training topics
  • Learning and development focused training
  • Cost/budget
  • All-staff training
  • Student manager roles
  • Training delivery methods
  • Measurement of training effectiveness
  • Recognition for completion

In addition to these topics, participants had a chance to suggest their own topics for discussion, which included dress code, differences for commuter or non-traditional students, diversity and cultural competency training, and the benefits of group vs. individual trainings.

One of the themes from the group discussion and chat highlighted ongoing conversation about scheduling. For example, some campuses set training dates for the entire year, and notify student employees well in advance so they can plan other commitments around work trainings. Many campuses also schedule staff training before academic year begins and again in January.

Another theme was related to training delivery. While some topics are more appropriate for in-person delivery, many campuses are using technology in their trainings. Examples include using tools like Adobe Captivate, Moodle, and posting private YouTube videos. In addition, there was much conversation about how to involve students (undergraduate and graduate) in delivering training for their peers. Several campuses have student managers lead area meetings and job-specific trainings.

Finally on the topic of student learning, a combination of frameworks are used including job-specific or local outcomes, as well as Association-based competencies, including ACUI core competencies. Many campuses are using pre- and post-assessments in combination with individual evaluations each semester to measure training effectiveness and student learning. Examples can be found on the document exchange for Student Employee Supervisors Community of Practice.

Let’s continue the conversation! A forum post has been started to collect additional topics for discussion. To access the presentation slides and contribute to the conversation, check out the post: Student Training Round-Table – June 4. Consider these additional prompts for further discussion:

  • What element of student training are you most proud of at your campus?
  • What part of student training is most challenging?
  • If you deliver trainings for student employees, what additional training/preparation do you need to be successful?


Jennifer Pelletier

Jennifer Pelletier is the Associate Director at The Ohio State University.


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