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Inside ACUI Guest Announced

When the 2013 Conference Program Team started talking about ways to Discover New Perspectives in St. Louis, we realized how many unique and educational experiences we have within our membership and wanted to put our colleagues on the stage. Our new format for featured speakers is the perfect opportunity for us to go Inside ACUI and highlight our peers. Similar to the television show “Inside the Actors Studio,” which originally served as a master's class for acting students, the Inside ACUI conversation will reveal experiences, wisdom, and lessons learned from the union.

We created a survey for ACUI members to nominate professionals they’d like to see on stage and received more than 50 responses and ideas. We asked and you answered! Next began the difficult task of selecting our host and a featured guest from a talented pool of colleagues. Now, we are ready to announce their names.

Jennifer Keegin, associate director for campus activities at Binghamton University, will serve as our host.You may recognize Keegin's voice from her role as co-host of the weekly College Union and Student Activities podcast. She also serves as the communications coordinator for Region 2 and is a regular blogger on the Student Affairs Women Talk Tech blog. Keegin is looking forward to sitting in James Lipton’s chair, index cards ready to ask those tough questions.

In the hot seat is our featured guest, Debra Hammond, executive director of University Student Union, Inc. at California State University – Northridge. A longtime ACUI volunteer, she has served as president of the Association and co-chair of its Strategic Planning Committee. For more than 17 years, Hammond has been at the forefront of cocurricular programs and college union facilities/services at one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse campuses in the United States. A leader both on campus and off, she serves as a part-time instructor in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling. Hammond is excited to share her story in this new, featured speakers format.

Be sure to join us for Inside ACUI during Educational Session Block 1 on Sunday, March 10 at 4:45 p.m. in Landmark 6. Like the television show, we’ll be taking questions from the audience and the #acui13 backchannel.

Laura DaRos

Laura DaRos is the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs for SMFA at Tufts at Tufts University.


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