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Inside ACUI

“What is your favorite word? What turns you off? What profession other than your own do you think you’d like to attempt?”

These are just a few of the questions you may have heard host James Lipton ask celebrities on Bravo’s Inside the Actor Studio. Originally designed as a seminar to teach acting students, this show quickly became the TV channel’s flagship program. Each episode features Lipton sitting one-on-one with an actor, asking a series of questions to reveal personality quirks and pearls of wisdom from a variety of award-winning celebrities.InsideACUI

As we Discover New Perspectives in St. Louis this March, we will also discover new formats for some of our traditional educational programs. This year, our featured speakers will be our very own ACUI members, featured as part of our new educational format, Inside ACUI. Modeled after the Inside the Actors Studio program, this session will take place during an educational block, inviting conference attendees to listen in while an ACUI member shares their story with an ACUI host on stage. A set of comfy chairs, a captive audience, and a stimulating conversation will set the stage for this new conference addition.

Who will fill these two seats? We want ACUI members to decide! Take a few moments to complete the survey and let us know who you would like to see interviewed and who you would like to see host the program. We are looking for ACUI members that have a story to share or questions they’d like to ask. Similar to the original acting seminar for students, Inside ACUI provides another opportunity for us to teach, learn, and network within the Association.

The nomination process will be open until Feb. 8. We look forward to receiving your suggestions so we can feature our own speakers at the 93rd annual conference. For more information, please visit and search our educational formats.

Laura DaRos

Laura DaRos is the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs for SMFA at Tufts at Tufts University.


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