Posted December 18, 2012 by Juhi Bhatt 

Don’t Give Up!

As student services specialist, I interact with many different types of students at Bergen Community College. Indeed, by being a career/transfer counselor on one end and the coordinator of judicial affairs on the other, I speak with students who are full of motivation and others who are full of false ideals.

In the moments that I am speaking to the students who are filled with incorrect information and who view themselves as victims of their environment, I recognize that I begin to lose patience and wonder when these students will start to understand their reality and how they fit in it. However, as of late, it seems I have encountered many more students who have developed a sense of learned helplessness, and I begin to lose hope for their changing their viewpoint rather quickly.

Undoubtedly, I try to educate all students and fill their minds with the appropriate knowledge that relates to their reality. Moreover, I use every teachable moment that is given to me but, as we all know, knowledge and fleeting moments of education do not always work with every student. Certainly, the motivated, determined, and “on-track” students are most hungry for the knowledge that we can provide.

Therefore, the question then becomes what can we, as student affairs professionals, do to make sure we do not lose hope in any one of our students to have that proverbial light bulb go off?

Juhi Bhatt

Juhi Bhatt is the Coordinator of Judicial Affairs and Student Information at Bergen Community College.

Juhi works between the Center for Student Success as a career and transfer counselor and a judicial affairs coordinator within the Office of Student Life and Judicial Affairs. Additionally, she manages the information desk within the new Student Center.


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