Posted September 17, 2012 by Eric Heilmeier 

Projects to Performance

Transitioning back to school is tough, and I’m a staff member! Everything is slowly but surely getting back to “normal.”

For me, the biggest transition was the change from projects to performance. Like many people, my academic breaks are spent on our projects. Those big things we pushed off doing during the year because we were too busy. Well now, what is finished is finished, and what isn’t may have to wait until the next break.

Now that students are back and campus is bustling again, I have shifted my focus from the projects to the performance. Is this task done, did this student show up, have we been able to update the campus calendar?

To continue working on my projects, I have had to prioritize my schedule and projects. Unfortunately, some items on the punch list have been punched to the far back burner.

What are those projects that you have had to push back or postpone now that students are back on campus? How do you deal with the projects and the performance of your work and your students?

Eric Heilmeier

Eric Heilmeier is the Director, Pierpont Commons & Associate Director, University Unions at University of Michigan–Ann Arbor.


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