Posted February 2, 2012 by Jason Cline 

Foggy Days and Thursdays

Whether its rainy days and Mondays or sunny days and Fridays, it seems as though there are always things that present themselves as obstacles to your everyday life. You get up in the morning with a pretty good plan for the day or week ahead, and you soon realize that something is about to challenge your ability to carry out that plan.

I am currently taking an online, graduate-level course through Indiana University-Purdue University–Indianapolis (IUPUI). As you may know, the Super Bowl will be played in Indianapolis on Sunday. With the IUPUI campus being in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, the school is making adjustments to its schedule for students as they may have trouble getting to the campus due to traffic, parking, etc. A few days ago, the professor, polled my class (remember it is online) to find out if the students wanted to move the usual Sunday due date for assignments to Monday because of the Super Bowl. My vote was "No."

After the professor received the votes, she sent a message to everyone informing them that they had voted overwhelmingly to push back the due date. She then sent me a private message to tell me that I was the only student out of 32 that voted "No." I was not surprised that I would be in the minority, but I was a little shocked that I was the only one.

My reasoning for voting the way I did was twofold. First, part of the classwork is reviewing the work of others and responding to them. Moving the deadline back placed an obstacle in my schedule by adding another day of unplanned schoolwork. Second, I knew when I registered for the class that I would have conflicts throughout the semester because of work travel and personal obligations. I knew I would need to make adjustments to complete all of my responsibilities.

I don’t know the process others went through to make their decision, so I can’t judge the decisions they made. I appreciate the gesture made by the university and my professor specifically, but I can’t help but wonder when personal responsibilities supersede the need to take advantage of an exception just because it was offered?

Jason Cline

Jason Cline is the Director of Membership at ACUI.


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