Posted December 12, 2011 by David Pennock 

Immediate and Extended Family

As the calendar turns to 2012 and regional conferences have come and gone, many of us turn our thoughts to the annual conference. For some of you heading to Boston, this may be your first annual conference experience. For others, the journey to Boston adds to your growing list of annual conferences already attended. It is a time when we slow down (hopefully) at work and regain our focus on our family—at work and at home. I can’t help but notice the distinct parallels between the regional and annual conferences and family.

The regional conference represents your immediate family. Usually getting together near the holidays, it is a time to gather and discuss ideas in a small group setting. It also is a time when you are exposed to volunteer opportunities such as hosting the gathering at “your place” next year or just helping to plan the games you might play together.

The annual conference represents your extended family. You may not see most of us except for this one time each year; however, when you do, you make it a grand experience with highlights such as the ACUI Expo, extended educational sessions, tours, peer learning networks, and revolutionary “un-conference” ideas. The annual conference with extended family provides the opportunity to spend time reconnecting with veteran members and to welcome new members to the “family” with open arms.

I hope that your immediate family gatherings gave you time to rest and relax. And I encourage you to begin looking forward to the time you will spend with your extended family in March.

David Pennock

David Pennock is the Associate Director, Student Centers and Programming Services at Syracuse University.


If anyone is looking for a crazy uncle to add to their family, come find me in Boston!
Jeff Pelletier
Comment posted 12/13/2011 3:20 PM
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