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Unconventional Leadership

The 2012 ACUI Conference Program Team is thrilled to offer you an exciting line-up at this year's conference in Boston. Here is a preview of one of the extended learning sessions.

The Case for Unconventional Leadership
Doing things a little better, a little cheaper, and a little faster are the tacit expectations of a top manager. But in these fast-changing times and tough economic constraints, the urgent need to look past incremental change and take a revolutionary approach to leadership is critical.

Today’s incoming students present expectations, needs, and motivations that are much different than students from even a decade ago. These issues challenge traditional approaches and assert the need for leadership that values relentless change, uncommon talent, instantaneous feedback, rapid execution, and radical innovation. To justify our contributions to student learning and development, we must change the way we do business. What are we doing as a profession to intentionally and systematically forage for new ideas and incorporate "best practices" from outside our field? Unconventional leaders don't have jobs, they have a platform to influence, create connections, and do work that matters.

Some of the controversial concepts of unconventional leadership include: “Throwing out the mission statement,” “hiring staff outside of our field,” “ready, fire, aim,” “closing the open door,” “rewarding brilliant failures,” “punishing mediocre successes,” “outlawing bulleted presentations,” “being relentless in the telling of your story,” “creating a wow fund,” “becoming a curator,” “retiring dead horses,” “rewarding unequally,” and “ignoring the hierarchy.”

As part of an extended session at this year’s conference in Boston, these concepts and many others will be explored in the fast-paced, thought-provoking, and multimedia-laden presentation Unconventional Leadership. We look forward to seeing you there. You can check out a preview of the talk at

Tony Doody and Patrick Love 

Tony Doody, director of programs and leadership, and Patrick Love, associate vice president for student affairs and author of “Rethinking Student Affairs Practice,” are both from Rutgers University–New Brunswick. Considered experts in their field, Tony and Patrick are looking forward to leading an extended learning session on unconventional leadership at the 2012 ACUI conference in Boston.


Katie Falbo

Katie Falbo is the Conference Services Manager at University of California–Santa Barbara.

Katie Falbo is the Conference Services Manager at the University Center at University of California–Santa Barbara, where she has worked for the past three years. In her free time, she enjoys going to her local farmers market and cooking up the delicious foods she finds there.


Katie, Thanks for sharing these resources. After reading the post, I had to go find Love's Book and started reading it. If I wasn't already excited about Boston, now I can't wait. Congrats to you and the CPT on what is shaping up to be an AMAZING educational program.
Comment posted 10/27/2011 10:04 AM
I saw Patrick Love and Tony Doody do this (most likely a shortened) presentation at ACPA in Baltimore. It has kept me inspired ever since. Great job ACUI for including awesome and inspiring sessions. I really hope I can make it to Boston somehow!
Sage Ober
Comment posted 10/31/2011 12:07 AM
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