Posted August 12, 2011 by Jennifer Keegin 

New Podcast on College Unions and Activities

Joining the ever growing family at BreakDrink, the #cuad (College Union & Activities Discussion) weekly Twitter chat has expanded to include a podcast. Hoping to generate more discussion centered around topics important to union and activities professionals, the podcast will be broadcast live from the site starting this Monday, Aug. 15 at 1 p.m. Eastern. Podcasts will be hosted every two weeks unless noted otherwise.

Grabbing listeners during their lunch breaks, Mike Coleman (CUNY–Brooklyn) and Jennifer Keegin (Binghamton University) will serve as co-hosts and will be presenting an informal recap of the recent #cuad chats as well as discussing topics pertinent to other professionals in a fun and new way. The first podcast will also feature the founder of BreakDrink, Jeff Jackson who will speak on the evolution of the website, his partners, and will briefly highlight all of the resources available online.

ACUI is proud to be partnering with BreakDrink on this #cuad podcast as a new way to engage professionals around relevant content and looks forward to future broadcasts to come.

How to listen to the podcast: 

We hope you join us for the first podcast on Monday!

Jennifer Keegin

Jennifer Keegin is the Associate Director for Campus Activities at Binghamton University.

Jennifer also serves as the Division of Student Affairs communications manager. As the leader of the Technology Community of Practice, Jennifer is interested in all things tech related that help create innovative and efficient systems with the activities and union field.


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