Posted June 10, 2011 by Zack Wahlquist 

Joint Statement on Campus Safety

In light of recent changes in state laws regarding concealed weapons on campus, ACUI was invited to collaborate with several of our sister associations to develop a statement about safety on college campuses. This general statement is designed to emphasize our common commitment to maintain safe environments for students, staff, faculty, and guests on campus. Full text of the “Joint Statement on Campus Safety” can be found here.

Because of the collaborative nature of this statement, what could be seen as missing is the specific role that college unions and student activities programs play in maintaining safe environments. Risk management policies and procedures, well-maintained facilities, programming that promotes civility and dialogue as positive approaches to conflict, and promotion of safe zone/spaces are all ways that college union and student activities professionals contribute to safety on campus. And when emergencies arise, the college union and student activities programs are often asked to serve, once again, as a unifying force and a haven for campus community members.

What are some specific ways you are demonstrating your commitment to maintaining safe campuses?

Zack Wahlquist

Zack Wahlquist is the Director of Education at ACUI.


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