Posted May 3, 2011 by Ty Franke 

Shipping Costs: How to Pay Less or Possibly Avoid

Shipping or freight costs can be extremely draining on a budget. It is common to see these costs in the thousands of dollars for a large furniture project.

How do you deal with such large sunk costs? You have to be informed about freight options and make sure you are taking advantage of the volume discounts available.

Here are some ways to help you spend more on product and less on freight:

  • Co-op with others on your campus to hit higher quantity levels and receive either a better price per unit or free freight—or even both.
  • Scrutinize your online purchasing. At times, online retailers will not only sell you a restocked product at a discount, but also charge you way too much for shipping.
  • Buy from ACUI Procure—many of our furniture and equipment lines will ship free, depending on the order size.
  • If buying from a trusted source, try to avoid insisting on a firm freight price. The truth of the matter is this: when you demand a firm freight price for a long period of time, you are essentially forcing the vendor to inflate that shipping figure in order to cover market fluctuations and avoid a potential loss. Just request freight to be prepaid by the vendor and added to the invoice at the end. This can help avoid inflation of the price you pay for shipping.
  • Avoid ordering twice from the same source within a short period of time. I know fiscal year ends and budget dollars come and go, but the majority of freight cost is in simply getting the truck there. If you can avoid ordering twice and place just one larger order, you can reduce your freight costs by around 40 percent.
  • If you must place two orders, see if they can ship together to save on freight costs.



Ty Franke

Ty Franke is the Business Development Manager at Traf-Sys Walker Wireless.

Ty is responsible for the daily activities of ACUI Procure group buying program. He also serves as secondary support for a wide array of corporate partnership services for ACUI.


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