Posted January 25, 2011 by Elizabeth Stringer 

Bike Share Programs Coast onto More Campuses

Last month, the University of Chicago's "recycles" bike sharing program celebrated its one-year anniversary. The university purchases refurbished bikes from a local nonprofit, and at no cost, campus community members are able to rent the bikes for one day. The university even recently hired a mechanic to maintain the bikes.

But this is not the only such program on a college campus. In fact, several campuses around the United States and world have instituted such programs to encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

While not new, these programs are continuing to appear on more and more campuses. For example, Kent State University just instituted a bike sharing program in late 2010. Along with the bicycle, students are able to to borrow a helmet and bike lock.

Other colleges have plans for creating similar programs in the coming months. Both Seattle University and the University of South Alabama made bike sharing programs a top priority.

The University of Oregon went one step further. The university held an all-day celebration on Jan. 12 to promote year-round bicycle use called "Ride in the Rain." Located at the Erb Memorial Union, the event featured "free bike repair, music with bike-powered amplification, a rain gear fashion show, and a community ride," according to the university website. The university also announced the creation of its short-term bike loan program.

Does your campus offer a bike sharing program? If so, what is it like? 

Elizabeth Stringer

Elizabeth Stringer is the Senior Manager of Marketing & Communication at ACUI.


Earlham College has had Bike Co-op for five years. Students who know how to maintain bikes teach others these skills. They also gather parts from bikes and build bikes for students who do not have them. They started a bike share program out of this student center, where you can borrow a bike anytime of day.
Richard Dornberger
Comment posted 01/31/2011 9:30 AM
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