Posted December 16, 2010 by Ty Franke 

Spend 30 Seconds Now, Save Hours Tomorrow

You could trade 30 seconds of your time today and save hours of time in the future. What if that same 30 seconds of time could grant you savings of 10–35 percent on janitorial and waste management products you order every day?

Coming soon in 2011 is another perfect opportunity for ACUI members to save enough money throughout the year to pay for their annual dues and more! Let me tell you how.

Grab a calculator and do this simple calculation: Take your annual expenditures on janitorial and waste management products or use the minimum reported by ACUI members on a recent survey—$53,000. Multiply by 0.10, which represents a 10 percent savings on these products when you order from ACUI Procure.

The answer: You save $5,300.

If this number is more than you pay for your annual ACUI dues, then spend 30 seconds and sign up for Cleanwise, ACUI Procure’s new online ordering portal for janitorial and waste management equipment and supplies. It is easy-to-use and available to any authorized buyer on any ACUI member campus. 

Even if you are not the buyer of these items, you can still take 30 seconds and let those people know. You will be the hero, and they will help you pay for your dues. Your campus will save time and money!  

Ty Franke

Ty Franke is the Business Development Manager at Traf-Sys Walker Wireless.

Ty is responsible for the daily activities of ACUI Procure group buying program. He also serves as secondary support for a wide array of corporate partnership services for ACUI.


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