Posted November 17, 2010 by Ty Franke 

New Technology to Revolutionize Food Service and Catering

Food service and catering present revenue streams, but come with challenges for the institution: 

  • Multiple kitchens with many staff
  • Different menus
  • Considerably high output volumes
  • Long operation hours

So how can you manage to put out varying quantities of food efficiently without sacrificing quality, appearance, and taste?  

Many campuses are finding that the answer lies in technology. When using traditional cooking appliances, such as convection ovens, steamers, or grills, an experienced staff member has to monitor the cooking process continuously. This makes scheduling difficult and strains labor budgets.

What if you had technology so powerful that any staff member could perform all of these tasks?  

Push-button technology does exist that only asks for the desired coloration and doneness, so you can literally walk away while the food cooks perfectly. There is no need to worry about setting a time, temperature, climate, or even a batch size. On top of that—10 days of cooking information can be downloaded directly to your computer or server. Finally, all the cleaning is done automatically at the touch of a button, saving hours of paid labor to clean your fryers and ovens.

The Solution is here 

Technology is the answer for educational facilities and catering operations, allowing managers and directors to run their kitchens more efficiently by optimizing staff schedules, avoiding manual labor, and achieving consistency of quality through the use of a technologically advanced, precision piece of equipment. One solution covers 90 percent of your cooking processes, including baking, roasting, grilling, steaming, braising, blanching, poaching, and more. Every kitchen on your campus can use the same piece of equipment, which allows all staff to be fully trained and results in uniform effectiveness and productivity.

Want to see it in action? 

If you would like more information and want to schedule a demonstration, please contact or call Ty Franke at 812.245.8070. Find out how your campus can get a hands-on experience with the best food service and catering solution in the business. As always, ACUI Procure will offer the most advantageous pricing in the market!   

Ty Franke

Ty Franke is the Business Development Manager at Traf-Sys Walker Wireless.

Ty is responsible for the daily activities of ACUI Procure group buying program. He also serves as secondary support for a wide array of corporate partnership services for ACUI.


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