Volume 85 | Issue 1
January/February 2017

Volunteerism in the Association

Merge your passion for diversity and inclusion with an opportunity to engage with and volunteer for ACUI.

Upcoming Opportunities

If you are looking for more opportunities to enhance your knowledge or skills and contribute to the conversation on diversity and inclusion with ACUI, check out two of the preconference offerings in Philadelphia:

  • Moving Forward: Men of Color Workshop (March 18, 3–7 p.m. Eastern)
  • Creating a Space for Student Activism (March 19, 8 a.m.–Noon Eastern)

Thank you to the Association volunteers who are delving into these issues and providing further opportunities to grow and better the profession.

If you are looking to plan an event for your region, submit an educational session proposal for an ACUI program, or just looking to enhance your programming efforts, join the Volunteer Development Team and Council for Diversity and Inclusion to learn about ensuring your educational content is inclusive and speaks to a diverse audience.

  • Enhancing the Inclusivity of Educational Content (April 5, 2 p.m. Eastern): This 60-minute online training will help volunteers and members craft more inclusive educational programs.

Apply by April 21 to serve on the Volunteer Development Team or Council for Diversity and Inclusion.

"When I initially applied, my goal was to give assistance to opening the doors for others who may not have taken the traditional path into ACUI. After a year and a half, I have come to learn it’s not just opening those doors; it’s getting people to come in and stay with us for a while. We have a lot of work ahead of us, yet we are all in. This position never felt like a volunteer role to me. Being on Council for Diversity and Inclusion for ACUI has given me the opportunity to meet, learn from, and at times lean on a group of professionals that are empathetic, insightful, hopeful, and—when needed—humorous."

April IsleyApril Isley
University of Connecticut
 Council for Diversity and Inclusion Member

Update Your Volunteer Profile

If you currently are or previously have volunteered with ACUI, we want to make sure that your volunteer profile is up to date with all of your volunteer positions! Review your profile and submit any changes through the form at

  • Search for your profile in the ACUI member directory.
  • Review the information at the bottom under current and past volunteer positions.
  • If any information listed is inaccurate, visit the form at www.acui.org/volunteer to complete the fields with your missing or corrected information.

In particular, we are looking to update the volunteer contributions you made serving on teams or positions with term lengths.