Volume 84 | Issue 5
September/October 2016

Volunteerism in the Association

Whether presenting an educational session, serving regionally, or holding an international position, ACUI volunteers lead many of the Association’s programs and initiatives. Throughout the year, newly selected volunteers bring a fresh energy and wealth of knowledge to their roles which greatly benefit the Association and its members. Hear from these new volunteers about what they are most excited to accomplish in their new positions.

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"I am excited to continue the efforts of the Association in encouraging current and new members to volunteer their time with ACUI. This encouragement comes through effective communication and exploring new strategies of different ways to engage and connect with the membership."
Teneshia Arnold

Teneshia Arnold
The Ohio State University
Volunteer Development Team


"I am looking forward to having our corporate partners become an integral part of ACUI and seeking ways to improve their experience as associate members of ACUI. As well, I hope that all ACUI members will see our corporate partners as a resource for them and their institutions."
Denny Olsen

Denny Olsen
University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
Corporate Partnerships Development Team



"I would like to continue on what has been done, but now be able to take the region to the next step in increasing Region VII institutional members. Region VII has the opportunity to diversify its membership due to location and the schools in the region. I would like to see an increase in historically black colleges and universities and two-year members, and I want to work with the team in creating relationships with the international component of Region VII."
Neela Patel

Neela Patel
Rutgers University
Region VII Director-Elect


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Don’t miss your chance to contribute to the profession and learn new skills through the variety of volunteer positions accepting applications still this year.

By Oct. 7

  • Run for election to the Board of Trustees
  • Apply for open positions on the Student Programs Team

By Dec. 2
Apply for the any of the following positions:

  • Special appointments to the Leadership Team
  • Members of the Education Council
  • Student member of the Board of Trustees and Regional Leadership Teams
  • Student on the 2017 Conference Management Team
Various Deadlines
  • Apply to join a 2017 Regional Conference Planning Team. (Depending on the dates of the region’s conference, each region will be recruiting on slightly different timelines. Contact your region’s volunteer coordinator with any questions.)