Volume 84 | Issue 4
July/August 2016

Volunteerism in the Association

The Research Program Team is charged with promoting ACUI’s Research Agenda through communication, engagement, and resource development opportunities. For the latest news and information about volunteerism in the Association, follow @acuivolunteer.

If you currently are or previously have volunteered with ACUI, we want to make sure that your volunteer profile is up to date with all of your volunteer positions! Review your profile, and submit any changes through the form at www.acui.org/volunteer.

  • Search for your profile in the ACUI member directory. 
  • Review the information at the bottom under current and past volunteer positions.
  • If any information listed is inaccurate, then visit the form at www.acui.org/volunteer to complete the fields with your missing or corrected information.

In particular, we are looking to update the volunteer contributions you made serving on teams or positions with term lengths.


"The ACUI Research Program Team provides me an opportunity to work with colleagues who are equally committed to be active scholar-practitioners and advance research initiatives. It is an exciting time for the Association as we connect our best practices with research, build our partnerships with higher education faculty, and find ways to support empirical research on the many facets of student unions."
Dan Maxwell, MS.Ed.


Daniel Maxwell, MS.Ed.
University of Houston
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs



"As a faculty member, I have been encouraged by the emphasis and value placed on research and scholarship within the Association. I have seen multiple opportunities for me to personally engage in research that will not only benefit the Association and the field, but also has strong ties to what I am teaching in the classroom. I have several students who are interested in working in activities and unions, and the ACUI Research Agenda provides a clear path for thesis work and other scholarly activities that will benefit them in their career."
Amy Wilson


Amy Wilson, Ph.D.
Buffalo State College
Assistant Professor



"I appreciate the opportunity to promote scholarship created by ACUI members and contribute to the research program for the Association. However, what I value most is the connections I’ve made with other volunteers, who’ve served as resources and sounding boards in my own work."
Ben Perlman, Ph.D.


Benjamin Perlman, Ph.D.
Emory University
Director, Dobbs University Center