july 2015 bulletin cover
Volume 83 | Issue 4
July 2015

ACUI’s 47th Collegiate Clay Target Championships Hits Record Numbers

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More than 650 students from 76 schools gathered for ACUI’s 47th Collegiate Clay Target Championships at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio. This one-of-a-kind event fosters top-tier competition in six unique shooting events, fundraising, and Olympic-style special events. The clay target program is not only a place to practice skills and compete with student athletes; students also have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and win scholarships.

New this year was a friends and family fundraiser on the sporting clays course. The proceeds raised went toward the more than $22,000 in scholarships awarded at the event. In addition to the individual and team awards in each of the six disciplines, high overall scores for schools were given on the last day of competition. Divisions are based on the number of students competing in the championship event. Winners were:

  • Lindenwood University, Division I
  • Texas A&M University, Division II 
  • Hillsdale College, Division III  
clay targets 1
Lindenwood University, Division I winners

For the third year, the International Shoot-Out Competition, sanctioned by USA Shooting, resulted in coaches and students being invited to the ACUI/BJ McDaniel Collegiate Shotgun Development Camp. ACUI’s industry partners at USA Shooting serve as the national governing body for Olympic Shooting Sports and use the ACUI competition as a recruiting ground for resident athletes.

  clay targets 2  
  Texas A&M University, Division II winners  

   clay targets 3  
  Hillsdale College, Division III  

ACUI would like to thank Larry and Brenda Potterfield and MidwayUSA for providing endowment funds for teams. This year, ACUI awarded more than $500,000 in endowment funds to MidwayUSA Foundation. A portion of the funds may be accessed to pay for ammunition, range fees, targets, uniforms, travel, and more. With MidwayUSA’s support of the ACUI program, the Association continues to reach new students and new teams across the United States.

Since the annual conference was held in San Antonio the week following the championships, the ACUI Leadership Team spent an evening at the National Shooting Complex to learn more about the program and the students involved. 

“We experienced a show by 12-time champions Lindenwood University students and head coach Shawn Dulohery,” Tournament Director Michelle Smith said. “Shawn is a former ACUI competitor, an Olympic team member, and now the coach of our winningest team. It was a great way to show professional staff members what these unique student athletes can really do.”

ACUI has organized the Collegiate Clay Target Championships for more than 47 years. The Clay Target Collegiate Shotgun Bowl Series was created three years ago to provide additional opportunities for competition closer to participating campuses. Twelve of these sectional-style tournaments are scheduled for the 2015–16 academic year that lead up to the 2016 championships. More information can be found at www.acui.org/claytargets.