july 2015 bulletin cover
Volume 83 | Issue 4
July 2015

Union Spotlight: Livingston Student Center at Rutgers University–New Brunswick

livingston 1History

The Livingston Student Center, which is one of five Student Centers on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus, first opened in 1986 after moving from an academic building.

The Student Center went through an expansion and renovation project beginning in 2007 and was then opened to the campus in January 2010.

The Livingston Student Center houses many student organizations, including the Livingston Theatre Company and 90.3, the Core, which is a student-run radio station. It also houses several student affairs departments, including new student orientation and family programs and the media and communications office.

Dining services operates a Café, Dunkin Donuts, and Sabarro’s Pizza, while the Student Center manages the Rutgers Zone, a game room with ice cream and appetizer service.


Unique Features

“The fact that Livingston Student Center is one of five student centers on the New Brunswick campus makes us very unique,” Director Neela Patel said.

The Livingston Student Center is the newest of all of the centers, as it underwent an expansion and renovation project. 

“There are several spaces within the center students really enjoy studying and gathering in,” Patel notes. 

The two most popular places are the Gathering Lounge, which has various soft seating, and the Collaborative Learning Center, which has 12 group workstations.


Students’ Role

“The students are integral part of the student center, as most of the staff in the building consists of various student positions,” Patel said.

Positions range from entry-level to management team positions. Students are also represented on an advisory board.


livingston 2Programming

The Livingston Student Center is home to a variety of programming. Events during the academic year include a Fall Kickoff Concert, homecoming, and the creation of a Before I Die Wall, where students can write what they hope to accomplish in their lifetime.

The Rutgers Zone is a source of entertainment year round, as students can watch sporting events or play billiards, air hockey, basketball, and shuffleboard—all while grabbing a bite to eat.

During academic breaks, the Livingston Student Center is often used for new student orientation sessions, camps for local children, and college course/testing prep sessions. Additionally, the Livingston Student Center has a childcare program and offers various workshops and meetings. 

Rutgers University–New Brunswick
Four-year, public
Full-time enrollment: 60,000
Location: New Brunswick, N.J.

Livingston Student Center
Director: Neela Patel
Size: 62,000 sq. ft.
Floors: 2
Year built: 1986
Student staff: 90 (part-time)
Nonstudent staff: 3 (full-time)
Website: http://studentcenters.rutgers.edu/livingston-student-center/