May/June Bulletin cover
Volume 83 | Issue 3
May 2015

Union Spotlight: Riddell Centre, University of Regina


riddell centre 1The Regina campus had a temporary student service center built in 1969, before the University of Regina gained autonomy from the University of Saskatchewan in 1974. The 13,000-sq.-ft. center was designed to meet space and student life needs and provided areas for dining, accommodations, as well as lounge space and student offices.

Funding for a building began in the 1960s. In 1986, the Saskatchewan Government announced it would contribute funds to start construction the next year; however, economic circumstances and other factors caused the project to be delayed. Construction on the Riddell Centre began in 1995 and finished in 1998.

The building was named after William Andrew Riddell, principal of Regina College and the Regina campus of the University of Saskatchewan from 1961 to 1969.

Unique Features

The Riddell Centre includes the Fine Arts Department and has a casting foundry, along with sculpture, painting, and printmaking studios. Many of the works created in the facility are featured in shows at the Fifth Parallel student art gallery.
“Riddell was a tireless supporter of the arts, so it is no surprise the building that bears his name houses a 425-seat proscenium arch theater and a dance and music theater,” General Manager Amanda Smytaniuk said.

Recent renovations include the addition of ablution footbaths near the Muslim prayer room and the revamping of an outdoor patio.

Students’ Role

riddell centre 2Through general elections, students are elected to serve on the University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) Executive Committee and Board of Directors and on the University of Regina Senate, University Council, and Executive of Council. At Board of Directors meetings, students can put forth motions or make presentations to create awareness or gain support for initiatives or projects they see as important.

“Students have more than a role in our organization; they are our organization,” Smytaniuk said.

The Executive Committee represents students when meeting with university administrators, government officials, and other students unions. They work as staff at the front desk or are coordinators for organizations that create activities or campaigns that engage people on campus and in the community.

“We at the URSU are here to support our students, but the truth is, we wouldn’t be here without the help of those same students,” Smytaniuk said.


The center’s multipurpose room hosts everything from political forums to tradeshows, concerts to cultural events, and many other campus activities and community events.

The Owl bar offers students, staff, and faculty a relaxed eating atmosphere during the day and provides patrons with a high-energy environment in the evening.

University of Regina
Four-year, public
Full-time enrollment: 13,106
Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

Riddell Centre

Executive Committee President: Devon Peters
Size: 262,000 sq. ft.
Floors: 2
Year built: 1998
Student staff: 1 (full-time); 25 (part-time)
Nonstudent staff: 10 (full-time); 40 (part-time)