Jan 2015 Bulletin cover
Volume 83 | Issue 1
January 2015

Central Office Welcomes New Staff Members

Staff MemberIn September 2014, the Central Office underwent reorganization to better meet the Association’s needs following the departure of several team members. Since October 2014, seven employees have been hired.

“I am thrilled to welcome our new staff members to ACUI,” said Executive Director Marsha Herman-Betzen. “Since the reorganization, the staff is functioning at it highest level to deliver quality programs and services to members.” 

Adrena May, collegiate recreation and leisure activities coordinator, manages the sectional clay target events. May works with the 9-ball and table tennis programs and will be launching a sectional air hockey tournament this year. Additionally, May facilitates ACUI Promos apparel orders.

“I enjoy the opportunity and freedom to implement new ideas and change within the recreation programs,” May said. “I’m excited to put plans into action.”

May has a master’s degree in sports management. She previously worked as a program assistant for the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation program in the U.S. Navy. While earning her undergraduate degree at James Madison University, May was a student-athlete.

“The leadership and adaptability skills that were developed and nurtured through my formative and collegiate athletic years are the key foundational pieces that will allow me to make a positive and meaningful impact on ACUI’s growing recreational and leisure activity programs,” May said.

Rachel Shankle, educational program coordinator, primarily works for other associations the Central Office manages as a non-dues revenue source. Specifically, she liaises with community of practice leaders, executes online learning programs, and works with volunteers to plan regional conferences. For ACUI, Shankle is implementing a new seminar for facilities management professionals and assisting with Education and Research Fund conference events.

“I am extremely excited to meet our members to learn their stories of why they have chosen membership with ACUI and how their membership has changed their lives for the better,” she said.

Shankle is working toward her master’s degree in sports management. She just completed four years of active duty service in the U.S. Coast Guard, most recently as a yeoman in the Service Personnel Office.

“Leadership by example and customer care is key to any organization, and the human resources management skills I have learned, along with my knowledge of emergency preparedness and search and rescue training, have taught me to value the importance of helping others,” Shankle said. “At ACUI, I aim to always try and lead by example, to never ask someone to do something I don’t intend to do myself, and to always ensure people are given the assistance they ask for regardless of whether it is in my job description because I believe it is important to help people to the fullest extent possible.”

Anthony King, corporate partnerships manager, generates interest for companies to connect with both ACUI and Campus, Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) members through exhibits, advertising, and sponsorships. He also will oversee the exhibit halls for the ACUI and CSHEMA annual conferences.

“First and foremost, I’m excited about the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself, with ACUI’s mission and purpose as the backbone and glue in a diverse community that is driven by growth, education, and advocacy,” King said. “I feel that my background in sales and marketing affords me a unique perspective that will lend well to the growth of the ACUI’s partnerships, both now and going forward.”

Though King has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, he had an aptitude for sales and marking and was drawn to this career while working in his first full-time job.

“I have always found that my ability to foster enthusiasm among the people with whom I engage is the greatest asset I possess because enthusiasm is at the root of every successful sales and marketing endeavor,” he said.

Working alongside King, Andrew Prentice facilitates sponsorship fulfillment. Prentice received his bachelor’s degree in nonprofit management and public affairs.

“I get to work with people from all across the world with different backgrounds and interests, yet with a common goal, building a better educational community,” Prentice said. “I highly value the environment at ACUI, which allows me to feel like an essential part of a great team.”

Beverly Quate, customer service representative, supports ACUI’s services and programs through her daily interactions with members, answering questions and assisting with issues. Quate received a bachelor’s degree in political science from Indiana University in May 2014.

“I enjoy the interaction I have with ACUI members. It’s so nice to facilitate their participation in our amazing programs,” Quate said. “The staff is extremely passionate about what they do and make working here a wonderful experience.”

Celia Grundman, assistant editor, oversees The Commons, creates content for The Bulletin, and provides editing and design assistance for both ACUI and CSHEMA. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

“I enjoy the opportunity to edit and design content that spans diverse topics and disciplines,” Grundman said. “I love ACUI’s collaborative and flexible nature. I look forward to gaining more experience in communications and graphic design.”

Minji Kang, financial services assistant, provides support for accounts payable and receivable. While Kang started in this role in November 2014, she was previously employed at ACUI as the office assistant from August 2013 to August 2014. Kang is currently working on her elementary education certification and left ACUI for a short time to complete her student teaching requirement. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“I love being back at ACUI,” Kang said. “I enjoy being able to work in our relatively new management system, allowing me to use my prior knowledge while gaining new skills.”

Please feel free to reach out to any of the newest staff members to welcome them to ACUI.