August 2014 Bulletin
Volume 82 | Issue 4
August  2014

Union Spotlight: Lane University Center, Frostburg State University


The Lane University Center opened in 1973 and underwent a major renovation and expansion in 2009, reopening in January 2011.

The Center was named in honor of Dr. Franklin C. Lane, the chair of the Division of Natural Sciences, director of the School of Arts and Sciences, and dean of the College, who “was dedicated to seeing Frostburg State improve and prosper and was committed to students and their success,” said Rob Webber, director.

Unique Features

Webber believes the best feature of the building is the 8,000-square-foot Alice R. Manicur Assembly Hall, a flexible space with advanced technological features that allow it to be transformed into venues for such events as concerts, comedians, dance parties, lectures, and banquets.

The building’s most popular social hub is the games room, which students visit nearly 15,000 times per semester. The space’s popularity stems from the degree of student input in its design. According to Webber, “From design to development to furniture selection, students were involved with every aspect of the project.” The result combines a comfortable environment with gaming options including table tennis, billiards, and several stations devoted to Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii.

Students’ Role

“The Lane University Center could not and would not function without our student employees,” Webber said.

In addition to serving as attendants to the games room, Information Desk, and Fitness Center, students can serve as managers, supervising events and other student staff.
“We try our best to hire incoming first-year students so that we can engage them and encourage their growth, development, and learning for the next four years,” Webber said.


The University Center hosts more than 6,000 events per year, including fashion shows, probates, step shows, and wedding receptions. The staff enjoys an egg hunt at the end of each semester, featuring candy-filled eggs and Bobcat bucks that can be used at an auction.

Late@Lane is a late-night programming initiative developed two years ago and “completely transforms the Lane Center and utilizes all of the spaces in the building” to offer a wide variety of entertainment choices, including concerts, comedians, and creation stations, “all in the same venue in the same evening,” Webber said.

Frostburg State University
Four-year, public, rural
Full-time enrollment: 4,755
Location: Frostburg, Md.

Lane University Center
Director: Robert Webber
Size: 73,000 sq. ft.
Floors: 2
Year Built: 1973
Annual Budget: $130,000
Student Staff: 40 (part-time)
Nonstudent staff: 5 (full-time)